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Since 1977 American Container Concepts Corp. has been a leader in providing a wide variety of industrial and retail packaging solutions to our customers nationwide.

Custom Printed Bags And Packaging

Custom printed plastic bags can be utilized for many different applications. Custom printed plastic bags can be used for product presentation and they are available in many different options for almost any application, they can be made in virtually any size and print specifications. Custom plastic bags can be manufactured from FDA approved film for use when packaging food products for direct contact with a FDA approved poly bag.

Postal approved poly bags can be custom made and printed in many sizes. Can closures may be printed with a return address logo and postal bar codes for easy mailing. Postal approved poly bags are lightweight yet very strong and water resistant and will protect the contents when shipping and mailing. Postal approved poly bags can be made of high clarity poly film or opaque colored film and can be made with different sealing options. Tamper evident seal and tape or heat sealable film is available to support easier packing.

Custom printed plastic shopping bags are economical and will provide the advertising to showcase your store or brand at very economical prices. Custom printed plastic shopping bags can be made with many different types of plastics; the film used is always recyclable but can also be made biodegradable film to help protect the environment as well as promoting your brand and company logo. Custom plastic bags can be made in many styles and sizes, countless options are available, and they may be elaborate, elegant bags to a more economical style bag.

Plastic bags can be made in many different gauges of film depending on the application of the bag. Heavy products will require a heavier film for added protection.  Hundreds of styles of custom plastic shopping bags are available to suit any budget all at wholesale prices.

Custom printed plastic bags are also used in many industrial applications, such as lawn and garden, agriculture, banking, construction. American Container Concepts Corp. has the expertise to help you make the right decisions.

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging can come in many different forms, depending on the product to be packaged and the market it is intended for. Custom packaging is used to help build a companies reputation and recognition with its customers or consumers. Custom industrial packaging can provide protection of the product in shipping. Custom designed packaging can encompass many options that an expert can help you with. An expert in custom packaging can help you explore all the options that are available in protecting and promoting your product.

Custom retail packaging can enhance a company‚Äôs image through custom printing on a stock item, or designing a custom package for the product. A logo printed on an item, perhaps a gift bag or box, can help brand your product or company and is a valuable marketing tool. Major retailers and local businesses can benefit from the exposure provided by having a custom bag, box, tissue, ribbon, for your store or product. Ideas are as endless as the imagination. Let an expert with over thirty-three years experience help you make your product stand out amongst the competition. American Container Concepts Corp. can provide the knowledge and expertise to help you in all your custom packaging needs.

Custom Plastic Bags

Custom plastic bags are reusable bags that can be made in any color or style and are fully customized to your specific needs. In a competitive business world, businesses are competing with each other for the consumers business. You need to take advantage of every opportunity to make your company stand out. You want to leave a lasting impression long after the customer purchases your product, or leaves your store or business. There are many ways of advertising your business, some are very costly and some are not. In this competitive market place, it is more important than ever to get your band and company image directly into the hands of your customers and potential customers. You can economically advertise your business and take full advantage of the huge benefits that custom plastic bags can provide.

Custom plastic bags can be provided for any budget. Budget friendly retail stock bags can be imprinted with your logo at a minimal expense, but will still provide a wonderful advertising avenue. Custom printed retail or industrial bags can be made of paper, plastic, laminated or environmentally friendly bags and can all be customized to meet your needs. Custom printed bags can be used for many industrial solutions as well. With endless options available for custom printed bags, American Container Concepts Corp. can help you with every aspect of having a bag printed. With over thirty-three years of experience our staff can guide you and advise you of all the options available to provide the best option for your budget.